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The Imagined Village - Cold Haily Rainy Night

Think i have some horcruxes scattered around fifes east coast. but i already know we will live again in the moss’s breath and dissolve into looser particles and made into protein shakes for snails to build shells. i want to be the milky shine that lines shell caves and that watches the hermit and hears the waves crash and is rocked by the moon
~   (live as your soul says you ought)

The kaleidoscope is a Scottish invention. Sir David Brewster, a principle of St Andrews invented it in 1816 it after doing some light experiments.

wishy world

the last tree is literally my favorite album ever. it’s just the thing for painting dark forest feminine scenes. 

~   Jeff Buckley, on moving to New York (via bl-ossomed)

(via lisafrideborg)

last camping until next year rrly, last warmth. i’m mourning the summer, like i knew i would, chilly lilly is shivering away and green faith is turning brown but it’s okay 

it was the most starry night too and constellations glinted through the beech trees and the river lapped and i saw a shooting star

but also dreamed that the tent was filling up with brambles and felt like i might die until i realised i was in a tent and there was a door and no brambles.

i had a ‘scotland really is beautiful if you just go out and find it’ kind of moment

Opaque  by  andbamnan